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This album contains two recent pieces with the no-input-mixer. In the past two years I have tried to broaden the vision I had on the instrument, developing new playing techniques and approaches to amplification.

In "meta-mesa" I have left back the aesthetics of thick sound, fascinated by the tiny sounds heard around the mixer. In this work, I use small speakers and transducers (2-5 Watt) which I place on the mixing desk itself, using it as filter and resonant body of the sounds it produces. The output is recorded with two miniature microphones located on my thumbs, creating subtle sonic trajectories as I play and reposition the speakers, as well as integrating the sounds of my playing. For this release, I have superimposed three different performances of the same piece, with different timings and accidents, trying to convey a different experience from what can be experienced live.

"Study in G" is played on two identical mixers simultaneously (a bit like a piano). I was trying to make the instrument sound as harmonic and stable as possible, something totally against the nature of the instrument, resulting in a quite hypnotic long drone.


released September 11, 2015




Faraldo Barcelona, Spain

Faraldo's music revolves around processes that maximise minimal resources.

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